ART WALK RECAP :: October 2010

London After Midnight
John George Haigh // Ted Bundy
Gacy // John Bodkin

List Price:

London After Midnight . Acrylic and Oil on Canvas (4x3.5') - $450.00
John George Haigh (Acid Bath Killer) . Acrylic and Oil on Canvas (4x2') - $400.00
Zodiac . Acrylic on Canvas (2x4') - SOLD
Gacy . Acrylic on Canvas (4x2') - $250.00
Ted Bundy . Acrylic on Canvas (4x2' framed) - $250.00
John Bodkin . Acrylic on Canvas (4x2') - $200.00

Jeremy Dennis is from Orange County, CA.  His latest collection captures a unique interpretation to the world's most famous serial killers.  Dennis' favorite painters are Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol.

For more information about the art work and to schedule a private showing, email 

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  1. Jeremy Dennis' gallery was by far the most intrigueing of the entire art walk.