Our favorite serial killer artist is back.  On Oct 16, Karman Orange welcomes the return of Jeremy Dennis to the Santiago Art Walk.  History’s best known serial killers, cultural icons of sorts, are the subjects of Dennis’ current collection.  Ted Bundy, John Gacy, the Zodiac Killer, re-imagined on canvas, through the eyes and mind of Jeremy Dennis.   From Orange County, CA, Dennis’ favorite painters are Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol.

For more information about Jeremy Dennis, visit

This month’s Santiago Art Walk will be held on Satuday, Oct. 16 2010 from 7pm~10pm.  It is located in the city of Santa Ana, CA on the intersection of Santa Ana Blvd, and Santiago Blvd, across the street form the historic Santa Ana train station.  Free parking available at the train station.

Look for Karman Orange at unit #733.  The art event includes 20+ galleries, food trucks, and music.  All ages welcomed.   For more information about the art walk, visit


  1. I see so many things in Jeremys work, a story, a message, a FEELING. two of my favorates are his Virgin Mary painting and his Count Dracula painting. How's that for a wide range of work!

  2. That's my little bro and I am so proud of him.. Way to go Jer you are amazing at what you do....

  3. There is an intrigue about Jeremy. He artfully tackles a complex and shocking subject, 'serial killers, I encourage everyone to see his work.