Catch and Release

Illustrator and artist, Krista Turner, is bringing her latest collection of sketches and paintings titled Catch and Release to Karman Orange @ the Santiago Art District.  On Saturday November 20th, Krista will be exhibiting her creativity and imagination inspired by flings or one night stands.  "I am fascinated with the idea of a one night stand relationship...", explains Kirsta.  "... I wanted to touch base on just a couple emotions [and] ideas that derive from flings.  Idea of lifelessness, limbo, or just being tagged along. "

Of Korean descent, raised in Tempe Arizona, Krista relocated to Los Angeles to attend OTIS college of Art and Design.   Her favorite artists are Ken Gaurduno, Mylan Nguyen, Max Wagner, Andrew Hem among many others.   "Artist that I find the most attractive are ones who either have fabulous ideas or are very free style of painting."   Commercially, Krista has found success working freelance on various branding projects.

Catch and Release is a display of Krista's love and dedication to the arts.  "It's a long exhausting process and an exhausting love (Red Bull) and maybe not so much love goes into it." describes Krista.  Her choice of mediums are watercolor, acrylic washes and inks. "My drawings are pretty anal. Using mediums like watercolor and inks allow me to be more free and playful with my work."

Catch and Release will be on exhibit at Karman Orange, open to the public, on Nov 20th.  Private screenings available by appointment.
Artist: Krista Turner
Title: Catch and Release
Date: Saturday . Nov 20 2010
Time: 7pm ~ 10pm

The Santiago Art District Art Walk is a free event, held on the third Saturday of each month from 7pm to 10pm. It is located in the city of Santa Ana, CA at the intersection of Santa Ana Blvd, and Santiago Blvd, across the street form the Santa Ana train station. Free parking available at the train station.

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